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: most did not know about the new pope. >> but we are this city of san francisco, the st. of assisi. >> it is kind of surprising the world is ready to move in a different direction and so what is great. that he is kind enough from argentina and from latin america is going to be and international dimension. for the church >> for the latin keflex we see it as a triumph. for the latin-catholics-it is a triumph. however, some constant challenges that are facing the catholic church. >> reporter: many believe that the catholic church has several challenges. >> he will certainly have his work cut out for him. he has some grace and will be able to accomplish a great deal. >> as a catholic, we need to mark the anniversary with 49 parishes without a priest. hand and that would be the number-one priority. >> catherine: that was dan kerman reporting. kron 4 was also at saint joseph's notre dame high school in alameda. students and staffers say they were watching today's events with excitement and hope. >> newly elected pope, leader church, >> caridinal brigolio from argentina? from south americ
around the bay. this is video from san francisco -- wet streets, people with their umbrellas out. now a live look from the kron4 roof camera in san francisco, and a live shot from the north bay. i'm here in the weather bennet. >> jacqueline: still, some light showers as for the rainfall mount st. helena, 0.76. nearly one-half inch in santa rosa and less everywhere else. as we take a look at the stormtracker 4 just some showers over the east bay but some showers also under the radar. some drizzling conditions along the coast. here is a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza a dreary picture you can see how darkish it is. as we take a look at the golden gate to the visibility is not that good. shell reconditions near san francisco but they are underneath a radar. as far as visibility? not that great. with reduced visibility visibility in half moon bay because of those shower activity at this hour. the satellite and radar with most of the rain to the shop east. still some we were to shower cast chances and timing it out just coming up. >> catherine: kron 4's justine waldman not
4 news starts now. >> pam: breaking news tonight at five. san francisco police right now. investigating a shooting. this happened just before 4- pm, the victim found on the corner of market and davis streets. after being shot more than a mile away. at this hour -- muni service is being diverted. kron 4's terisa estacio is live at the scene -- terisa what is happening right now? >> reporter: this is very much a developing situation. i want you to focus your attention on this car. they are telling this off of market street. market street is shutdown. they are going to tow this car. there was a shooting about four blocks away with three people, involved. one person was shot. the passenger was the person that was shot. the driver looked are run for a hospital but somehow ended up on market street. they pulled off to the side is that is when police surrounded the vehicle. the hospital administrators are dealing with them now. in the meantime they have taken the driver to police headquarters to taken into the headquarters to question him. they are still searching for the third
in favor of same-sex marriage. in san francisco, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> catherine: they're hoping for seats lining up outside. and on wednesday, the defensive marriage act but notice freezing temperatures have not discouraged these people. they've been camped out for days.and they're not about to budge. there aren't that many seats available. one of the people who will almost definitely get a seat. the san francisco cousin of chief justice john roberts. jean podrasky is a lesbian - and plans to attend the hearings with her partner. she actively campaigned against prop 8 as it made its way through the courts in california. she says she's confident that roberts will rule in favor of same-sex marriage. karl rove - the republican strategist - has some thoughts on the issue. he says he 'can' imagine a republican candidate in the next presidential campaign -- supporting same sex marriage. rove is the former adviser to president george w. busy. he is apparently acknowledging that opposition to same sex marriage is ebbing -- even in some conservative circles. >> pam: and although support
. more of this system and associated. the center of south details, coming up. >> pam: san francisco's mayor got an up close look at the neighborhood ravaged by floodwaters. from a broken water main. here you can see mayor ed public officials. at 15th ave and wawona in west portal. there, he talked with homeowners and toured the damaged homes. he says he is trying to get a sense of the scope of the problem. >> to understand where this occurred, how all this occurred and understand why these structures have a red tag, yellow tech there is a lot of work that has to be done. still, into nearing assessments that have to be done because of constant movement. with engineering assessments and needing to be done. still making sure that nothing worse will be happening and what nature has in store that could further compromise sensitive areas. this gives me an opportunity to understand what the homeowners are going through. >> pam: this is video from one week ago that shows the water gushing from the broken main. cars were submerged.and 27 homes were damaged, three of which are red tagged.mean
. nasa plans to drill for more samples. >> what a gorgeous day. san francisco, crystal clear skies. berkeley you can see blue skies. we started the day with fog. past receive the fog is expected to return but it will not linger quite as much. temperatures in the '70s and '80s. fog is still up and down the coast. still fog to the delta. the satellite and radar still showing cloud coverage it is still to the north. as we go for the noon hour plenty of 70's for the north bay. the del taco and the south bay. and in san francisco but that is pretty much it. even 80s. check out the south bay. 80s in santa clara. 77 concord. '70s in the east bayshore. and 74 in union city the coast will be warmer. in the 60s. 68 degrees in san francisco. '70s for the north bay. a look get your extended forecast thursday, friday, not that much of a cool down but a bit even more of a cool dawn next week. >> golden gate bridge. toll plaza taillights northbound into 680 in walnut creek - near the 24 interchange. >> anti islam ads on muni...with quotes like saiying it promotes hatred. spread hateful words aro
is tracking a storm headed into the bay area. you're looking live at san francisco -- gloomy skies. the coming rain has some people in san francisco's west portal neighborhood on edge. they have been trying to dry out. since a watermain break last week flooded homes. leaving some un-livable. i am here in the weather center rett jacqueline bennett. >> we anticipated it to be in santa rosa at this point but it is still in the works. through santa rosa and by eight we are talking about widespread rainfall. notice it is one right towards the golden gate. that bay bridge light show will be at 9:00 p.m. it will be dry but by 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. it will press over the bay bridge. i think that it could hold off by 9:30-9:45 if you're going to see that tonight the initial flip of the switch should be glad. but it could overtake it with rain through vallejo. through midnight the rain will make it very slow progression. with portions of the south bay and to the east bay. the inland valleys will not be impacted until about 2:00 a.m. it will press through, overnight with spotty shower activity. we will f
view from the south bay -- in san jose. and a live shot from our camera in san francisco. jacqueline bennet is tracking this storm. jacqueline, where is the storm now? >> jacqueline: there could be some light of sprinkles. and plenty more rain fall on the way. here is a look at the light showers. as we go towards the san mateo coast. light rainfall also along the san mateo coast. for tonight and tomorrow for rainfall is kind of all around us at that point. the tail end of this system is over california on it and well offshore. continuing to press into the bay area tonight and tomorrow. to pinpoint these schuller's through the north bay. for the next couple of hours. widespread. we will time it out on futurecast but right now. kron4's charles clifford is pacifica --- he's tracking the conditions there. >> reporter: yes. it is raining all along the coast i am not far from the pacifica pier. just from the last 10 minutes it has been a light rain. earlier, it was nice. but perhaps in the last 30 minutes it has cooled off. i have been watching the radar images. it looks like that it is of
picture from san francisco. dark clouds over the city's skyline. jacqueline has the details. the chair >> your correct there rainfall is winding down. let us take a look of the bay bridge toll plaza. really, mostly cloudy skies as we take a look of the satellite & radar firth the santa rosa did get cleeven snowfall it got -- clip. a bit of a break. but some cloud coverage clipping the north bay. it looks like it could impact your easter sunday. this afternoon, pretty mild. santa rosa temperatures are climbing. with that rainfall is in the '70s. the fog is expected for the overnight hours. and overnight for the we can aha a bit warmer but the rainfall will return with a time it out coming up. >> pam: and a quick check on the thursday commute traffic. you are looking live from the golden gate, bay and san mateo bridges. no major problems to report right now -- we'll keep an eye on the commute throughout tonight's newscast. >> catherine: inside the home of sandy hook killer adam lanza.there was a huge assortment of weapons. he's the 20-year-old who killed himself after the massacre at a c
to travel at least 14 mi. past san francisco to this city of pacifica. witnesses say that it had run aground at linden mar this was just offshore from the taco bell. the interior cabin is saying that there were three people on board and have been taken off the boat and arrested. in the news room, charles clifford, kron 4. >> we have seen the map route to and now with the inside looks. take a look luxury with a leather couch, a leather seating area, i should say with a panoramic view. television. this is a loaded! the galley. stainless steel of high appliances. and for loggefor leather. and the master state room, the master suite. they had a couple of other vets it sleeps six people, total. and a couple of other -- veterans. in addition to the pizza, the booze, with a dvd player, air-conditioning. it is a beautiful vessel. . >> pam: a san francisco man gunned down while walking his young nephew to school this morning. it happened just before 8:30 in the morning at the corner of third and palou, in the city's bayview district. police say the victim. dominic scott. was shot multiple times. the
. supporters of same sex marriage gathering in san francisco as the supreme court hears a legal challenge to california's proposition eight. >> "same-sex couples are considered second rate, different, unequal, and not okay" >> pam: kron four has the arguments. the reaction from the court and analysis of how well teach side made its case. our team coverage starts now with kron 4's dan kerman. dan. >> reporter: as expected the court seemed divided on the issue. liberal members of the court appearing to not buy the argument that marriage is about procreation and as such should not be afforded to same sex couples. the court released audio of the hearing. and here is an exchange on the procreation topic between the justices and prop 8 attorney charles cooper. >> there are lots of people that get married that cannot have her children. to have a state that allows ado what is te justification? >> the concern is that they are defining marriage as a gender. will separate its abiding connection to its historic appropriation and it will refocus the definition of marriage away from the raising of chil
. >> jacqueline: it has been nice but some fog close to the coast. it is rolling into san francisco. and inear ocean beach. temperatures are a lot cooler than other parts of the bay area. 51 in daly city. 50 and half moon bay. 67 degrees in sunnyvale. we are going to warm up. and that fog could linger. overnight, the sea breezes and could help things warm up. and the tools on that, coming up. it >> pam: details on that -- coming up. >> pam: in just hours -- severe and automatic cuts set to kick in. and with no deal between lawmakers in sight -- you might not believe where they are right now. but first -- new, right now -- an increase in bart fares, just approved kron4 breaks down how much -- after the break. and an arrest just made in a stunning shootout on the las vegas strip. it left a bay area rapper -- and others dead. kron4 has the new details just released by police -- ahead. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> pam: g
) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: fears that a san francisco neighborhood could collapse. sinkholes are creating a dangerous situation. in the watermain break -- and flood. i'm pam moore, kron 4's justine waldman is live in the city's west portal district. justine? >> reporter: pam, from speaking with homeowners i understand that these sinkholes have been a risk that backyard, a garage sale. if you're not seen it i want you to understand how high this water caught. take a look at this. at least 2 ft. high, on this huge water mark level. this homeowners and not much of their stuff has been water locked. many of these places need to be demolished. >> it is about the cap the. >> these huge singles he is worried that his entire home of 10 years could collapse >> with garbage bags full of where once belonging sneak to be thrown out. a total loss. there is garbage-bags. with items that need to be totally disposed of with the exception of photographs and diplomas. >> at first it was just the water damage however, once you go to shut the door you will notice that the doo
that much but i think that we could see more fog for a san francisco, oakland richmond and the bayshore. the reason why the computer model is showing this limited fog is the wind from the north is expected to be strong. the sea breezes are strong. i think that we could see clearing by 11:00 a.m. but still some high clouds to deal with. slightly cooler conditions. temperatures in the '70s. '70s in san jose and for the inland valleys. cooler for the east bayshore. that marine influence. 60s for the coast. temperatures in the 50s. 54 degrees in daly city and a mixture of '60s and '70s for the north bay. waking up to some fog the same on a saturday. and as we go for next week we will see changes on tuesday and wednesday. there rainfall could return wednesday morning. the chance of lingering showers on thursday. another cruise vacation gone wrong. carnival is scrambling to charter flights for thousands of passengers after their ship became inoperable at a caribbean port. karin caifa reports. >> reporter: it's been just a month since a fire aboard the cruise ship "triumph" stranded passengers
word today. they might have to find a new job. san francisco unified will cut 185 jobs. that is 142 certified staff positions. and 43 teacher aids. oakland unified will cut 65 administrators. and 11 non-tenured teachers. alum rock is giving out 87 notices in total. 78 of those are to teachers. antioch is cutting 13 teachers. redwood city. 8 certified positions maybe eliminated. this includes school nurses and counselors. and when i called the following districts on your screen. all them told me no pink- slips were sent out. this is for fremont, san jose unified school district, walnut creek and to palo alto unified school district. while some districts said the reason for planning to cut or not cut jobs had to do with declining or increasing enrollment. another part of this. is prop 30. it prevented a 5-billion dollar cut to schools. and provides more funding for schools during the next seven years. school district told me that has made it possible for districts to more confidently budget for next year. these staff members who got pink slips will not necessarily lose their jobs -- s
is live at the embarcaderro station in san francisco and has been getting reaction to this week's test program. >> yes. these feelings are mixed it is all over the place when you talk about this issue. should blogs be allowed on bart trains? off in the distance they are making their way into the bart system. let me show you video. this week is the second time they've had a pilot program like this. this will last for several days and people with bicycles can bring it onto the train during the commute hours. the heavy commute hours. i spoke with people on how they feel about this. >> i think that it can work out but just finding a enough room. >> i usually take caltran and there are pipes that is not the issue. >> they are big and bulky and take up a lot of room. it sucks.. sometimes you have to miss the train. >> sometimes there are just a few bicycles at a time. there is a space on the train and usually people stand in that space when it is for the bicycles. >> out here live you can see they are making their way towards the trains. i will show you what type of effect it's having on the
other musicians carried picket signs demanding a fair contract. while san francisco has the third highest paid symphony in the country, musicians say this is also the most expensive place to live. and they need more to be competitive. >> we are not asking for the world just a few crumbs here and there and things are not moving forward. we are very supportive but said it these priorities have been made clear. but these priorities are not on the list >> catherine: so far-- the strike has caused the cancellation of a handful of san francisco shows, and a tour this week to carnegie hall in new york. >> still ahead on kron 4-- big changes are proposed in yosemite valley. the popular tourist activities on the chopping block. and news for giants fans. a- t-and-t park is considered among the best in the nation. we'll tell you where it ranked. >> reporter: local entrepreneur has created the smallest personal watercraft. it is kind of the chafjet ski and water board ski ". in my tech report." we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan! i really like your new jetta! and you wa
. a beautiful shot of downtown san francisco and our camera from about tamil piuand anny is live on the rooftop fiord a nice place to be. >> it is a great place to be! lots of sunshine and crystal blue sky. the high- pressure is in control and the temperatures warmed up nicely. this will continue for the weekend with even warmer conditions. a bit breezy. i am glad i have extra hair spray [laughter] temperatures in the low 60s. with actually mid-60s for oakland and upper 50s for downtown san francisco. 60s canal plus is warm at 70's. so, napa-right now with warm 70's. we are not expecting any fog but to start your weekend mornings for some chilly conditions, to launder it will get with warmth. coming off. >> catherine: thank you. and also let us take a quick look at the golden gate bridge. and the bay bridge toll plaza all traffic nothing major. will be monitoring the bay of roadways throughout tonight to newscast. there is an abundance of caution including a police presence with rob fladeboe for-up-to- date. >> the atmosphere of late friday can be best described as all quiet. it has been a tens
at bay area gas prices. in san francisco. it's 4-22. in oakland.4.11 and in san jose. 4.12. >> jacqueline: of what a gorgeous day today. this live look outside at the state beach mostly clear skies and mild temperatures. it will stay mild for the rest of the workweek. current conditions are still in the '70s in a number of locations. 72 in novado. 70's for the inland valleys but notice closer to the coast. 55 degrees in half moon bay. we did see some fog the satellite and radar showing that this overall pattern is showing clear skies. dry conditions expected to remain. overnight we will have some patchy fog and mild temperatures. tomorrow, sunday and warmer again widespread 70's. how long is this going to last? coming up. gabe slate tech report >> blog gary has finally announced a release date for their new smart phone. it will be on the market and in stores next friday march 27th. this is a make or break moment. everything is on this new and improved the device. it is the first smart phone has the new blackberry 10 software and also on the 40 lte network 4 . g lte network with 1080 p an
. the wind is gusting in san francisco at s f o at 14 m.p.h. breezy at hayward, concord richmond and 12 m.p.h.. a lot of laws are in the 50s. warmer today compared to yesterday's chilly, wet weather. the satellite and radar showing that it is some hi pressure is buildinghe and gaining strength with the 70's. nearly 80 in some locations! some clouds the further south you are but as we see we could wake up to cloudy conditions with plenty of sunshine and even a warmer afternoon 5:00 p.m. is looking great with no complaints. also that sunshine and warmth. all of a clock is looking good too. 60s through sunnyvale. fremont around 62 degrees. nearly 70 and walnut creek. for the north bay temperatures in the 60s for novado. ocean beach upper 50s great for spring skiing. a great sunday and monday with a sunny conditions. your kron 4 7 day around the bay spring forward monday, tuesday and wednesday nearly the 70's! >> pam: take a look at the traffic with the golden gate. looking decent north bound, southbound at the james lick is backed up. the bottom of your screen. for the slow. the top is barel
mount tamalpais in the north bay. now a live look at downtown san francisco. cloudy skies - some light rain just a short time ago. jaqueline bennet is standing by in the kron4 weather center. she's tracking this stormy weather. >> jacqueline: we have seen some light showers and you can see from the san mateo bridge is dry. another live look from the golden gate bridge also low visibility. we have only seen a few showers hit or miss. we saw some in san francisco. as we take a look at stormtracker 4 radar. no returns but that could change for tomorrow. some showers over the sierra and to the south of us but stormy weather expected for tomorrow. temperatures not that bad. portions of the inland valleys. 60s in oakland and 50's closer to the coast. it will stay mild but it will be mostly cloudy tonight. the chance of spotty showers and those are mainly for the north bay. more widespread rainfall for this weekend. >> pam: and a quick check on the wednesday commute traffic. ahead of the stormy. you are looking live from the golden gate, bay and san mateo bridges. no major problems to report
skies. for now. and a live picture of the san francisco skyline. again -- nice weather, but you better get out and enjoy it before it's gone. for a look at when the showers will roll in -- jaqueline bennet is standing by in the weather center, with the wet weekend forecast. >> jacqueline: earlier today it was nice but closer to the coast we can see the clouds along the golden gate. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with increasing clouds. the stormtracker 4 radar showing the clouds are right off the coast. this next wave over the next couple of hours. the satellite showing that these showers are going to be coming up the coast. as we take a wider view on the satellite and radar is pretty expansive impacting us saturday, sunday. it could be more impact on sunday, indiana saturday. temperatures, not even 80s in napa. it will be more impact full on the sunday-- then saturday. these warm temperatures are also going to be cooler for this weekend. here is a look at futurecast. a bit more shower sunday. 4:00 a.m., widespread rainfall and moderate rainfall. thunderstorms even possible.
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22